Who we are?

Our dream and our goal is to make a difference and help change our country and the whole world, for the better. RAYAR is mean to that end. RAYAR is group of enthusiastic young and accomplished researchers and technicians in various fields related to computational analyzing and modeling of social phenomenon among other areas of interest. RAYAR follows and keeps up with the scientific and technological progress and keeps connected with the pioneers of many fields. In every step we confer with the elite (university professors, authorities, high-profile researchers, etc.), manage and make use of their valuable opinions and vision toward the phenomenon, and so reach the most inclusive view from various aspects. Then we form our theory, try it by modeling, simulation and colorful computational methods, and then present our opinion.

These are our goals


Achieving more efficient simulating procedures and making an intelligent society simulating system such that;
  • It simulates different social, cultural and economic aspects of the society;
  • Makes estimation and predictions about the current social trends;
  • Tangibly describes and clarifies the situation with the returned information from simulation;
  • It is capable of running different scenarios to see the results and possibly gives helpful suggestions;
  • Alerts the rising (social or economic) crises.

The strategy toward them

  • Indication and prioritizing the important issues and problems in the country that the situation can be improved or resolved much easier with the simulated computational models;
  • Indicating and communicating with the related policy-making organizations or authorities for support and assistance. Also for delivering the results for them to make better assessment and policies related the issues.
  • Making progress in the mathematics and computations related to making the model and simulation. We communicate and confer with well-known and influential mathematicians with experience in applied science. Also we are always in a quest to find talented and enthusiastic people to broaden our network. Especially those who, in addition to their fields of focus, have a reliable knowledge in some other fields of applied science.