Completed and ongoing Projects

project plan for institute for applied mathematics related to social sciences

Preparation of a way plan toward an institute for applied mathematics related to social sciences and policy-making methods. In this regard we have investigated about various institutes all around the world which are working in that field. We indicated their fields of focus, history, vision and goals, clients and their method of organization, etc. Also we filed reports about many of the mathematical, statistical methods and modeling technologies that can be useful.

Simulating the population trend of Iran

The project related to population trend in Iran came into our notice because of the so many existing arguments about the population growth rate trend in Iran, and the strategies suggested as the results of those points of views. Unfortunately more often than not those weren't very much fruitful. To find a comprehensive solution for this issue we aimed to devise a computational social simulation. We introduced our project and our goal to various institutes such as Hekmat and Institute for Population Studies because of their interest in the investigation and simulation of the population trend of Iran. Following the data from our studies, a comprehensive model for the society of Iran was devised and ran by several different social scenarios such as the different economical status. This project was funded and fully supported economically, by Hekmat institute.

Modeling and simulation of crime and punishment strategies related to drug abuse.

We investigated the possible crisis according to the current situation for example the on-going judicial files. Toward that we communicated with and interviewed the elite researchers in criminology. A proposal is being prepared for presenting our research to the related authorities in Iran.

Social crisis Analysis

Analyzing the crises as the result of social inequalities such as cultural, political, religious and gender inequalities or the widening economical gap between the poor and the rich.

Future of the banking systems and its issues

Our project is about Early Warning Systems and Financial Stability Mapping. Currently we are preparing a proposal to the central bank of Iran.

ongoing and future projects

  • Modeling and simulation of the national pensioners’ fund
  • Stabilizing the electricity network system.
  • Modeling and analyzing the data in cognitive and neuro science.
    • We have two different lines of work planned, the project to model Spike-timing-dependent plasticity (STDP), and the project of analyzing the data from the human olfactory system, both of them in collaboration with the Institute for Research in Fundamental Sciences (IPM).